Celebrating Together

Good Morning!!

On November 16th we will gather to celebrate 254 years of being the church in this place.  Anniversaries are a time to give thanks for the rich heritage that has enabled us to become who we are and to look ahead to what we might become. At this stage in the journey we are faced with so many questions and uncertainties that the looking ahead may feel difficult and for some of us it is even scary. We find it hard to make decisions about our building because we do not know what is around the corner. What does the future hold? Will our congregation grow? Or will it decline? Can we afford to continue in this place and sustain our ministry in the years to come? Can we raise the funds we need? and these are only a few of the questions running through our minds. I do not know the answers. What I do know is that what we have at First United is amazing!! I know that this is a place where we are not afraid to ask the questions and where we are open to the moving of the Spirit. I know that the people who gather here are concerned about their community and are willing to give everything to reach out in compassion and care. I know that even in the midst of financial concerns this congregation has not become insular but is dedicated to being the hands and feet of Christ. And since I know all of this I believe that we will find a way.

So on November 16th we will gather to celebrate 254 years of being church in this place. And what a celebration it will be!! Rev. Janice MacLean will join us as we ponder the question  – First United is a church that offers people the opportunity to form community, to be open to the sacred, to bring questions, doubts, and fears, and engage with one another.  It is a place of joy and celebration.  As we move forward, how do we, as First United Church, open our doors so that others can experience what we know about our church to be true?  World renowned artist Holly Carr will join us and during worship will create a reflection of our time together. We will gather around the table following worship for continued fellowship, laughter and sharing!

Tell your friends and neighbours!! Come and bring a friend!! Share who we are and join in the journey of who we are becoming



Reminders of the week:

 We hold in our prayers Judy and Jim Richards. Judy’s sister began her journey in the Kingdom last Sunday. There will be a celebration of her life on Sunday, November 9th , 3pm at Bethany United in Halifax

Sunday 1030am  A Service of Remembrance

                630pm   Youth Group

Saturday Nov. 15  –   Pancake Breakfast   8am – 11am

Sunday November 16th at 10:30 join in celebrating the Anniversary of our Church! It will be a service you won’t want to miss!

Rev. Janice MacLean will be our guest preacher. Janice hails from Cape Breton and served  churches in PEI, Ontario, and served as a volunteer with the Iona Community, Scotland and in Israel. For the past 15 years she has been the Conference Minister for Christian Nurture and Enrichment. Janice has shared her passion for learning with the people of the Maritime Conference with grace and spirit and led many into places of understanding, growth, insight and spiritual renewal.

We will also be joined by Holly Carr who will bring our worship to life through art. Holly is an artist who’s creative talents cross many disciplines. Holly’s works include vibrant studio paintings, theatre design, illustration and large installations.  She has gained notoriety for her live performances where she creates paintings that can span the entire stage. Some of her notable performances include an across Canada tour with Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Cafe and touring Singapore with world renowned violinist Min Lee.  Holly has painted live with orchestras across Canada including the National Art Centre Orchestra, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and her own show with Symphony Nova Scotia where she painted a 32 foot painting live during the one hour performance.!

Our Choir will perform an original work by Chris Bowman and Valerie Kingsbury, written for First United Church reflecting our life and the call of the gospel.

Following worship we will join together in the church hall for lunch! Come and bring a friend

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