Spiritual Practice

Good morning!

Spiritual practice is an inherent part of many faith traditions. According to Wikipedia “A Spiritual practice moves a person along a path toward a goal. The goal is variously referred to as salvation, liberation or union with God” Over the years I have explored a variety of different practices – meditation, drumming, music, chanting etc. Each one has offered me something different and engaging in them has provided glimpses of the Divine and moments of deep connection. However, for me, none of them has ever been able to transport me to that place of liberation or union with God. Then, not so long ago, I realized that my spiritual practice has been with me my whole life. I did not recognize it because it isn’t conventional and does not fit into the box.


When I was a little girl my mother taught me to knit and I have done this off and on over the years. Recently I have discovered that this practice is the very thing that connects me to the sacred and enables me to live deep within my soul. I do what I call “free knitting”. I have no pattern, just a thought or a picture in my mind. I fully realized what this was for me just after my grandson died. One night I started knitting and I kept knitting until one day I stopped. There were 35 baby blankets and 3 double size blankets. During the process I took my grief and anger, my doubts, question and fears and poured them out. I moved from mourning to joy, all the while feeling very much cradled in Divine love. Since then I have embraced this practice for what it is and with needles in hand I move along a path that leads to liberation and union with the Divine. Knitting has also allowed me to take all of the pain and uncertainty, all of the joys and celebrations and create beautiful things that bring warmth and light and love to another.

For each person the path is different and the practice that speaks most clearly to you is uniquely yours. However, once you find the practice that is you it holds the possibility of opening up life. Spiritual practice can provide the tools needed to deal with the difficulties, celebrate the joys and dream amazing dreams. Blessings Valerie

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