United With All Creation

The last couple of weeks I have been taking my morning coffee and heading off to the tidal bore view situated on the banks of the Bay of Fundy. Most mornings the tide has been out and you can see the red mud flats which glisten in the sun. Some days there are flocks of seagulls that dot the landscape. As I watched them I couldn’t help but wonder if this is their morning coffee as they sit and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Part way up the hill stands an old maple tree. It’s base is big, gnarled and showing its age. At one point it splits into several other large branches and then the smaller ones flow out from there. Each branch is unique but twisted and woven around the others.

I wonder about this tree’s story – the years of growing and becoming; the storms that it has weathered; the moments of new life and growth; and the people who have stood beneath its branches.

There is the belief among some spiritual disciplines that everything in creation has a soul or spirit. As I stand beside this tree its spirit is very real. There is something amazing about simply being in its presence! There is a strength and a peace that floods my soul as I connect to its energy.

Yesterday, as I sat beside this tree I was drawn again to the Psalms. I returned to the office and opened to Psalm 92. With the sacred story before me and the image of this mighty tree in my mind, these are the words that flooded my soul:

   Creation  (inspired by Psalm 92 and my tree)

We are blessed by Divine presence

Love that shines like the rising sun

Faithfulness that cradles like the night

Even in the midst of chaos

when all the world seems in turmoil

there is a hope that empowers

and a promise of new life that lingers.

Like the tree that takes root and

grows with strength and dignity

remaining healthy and fruitful even in old age

so too are the children of the earth.

Rooted in love and connected with life

we are grounded and our foundation is firm.

So we raise our voice to sing the melody of praise

United with all creation!


Blessings, Valerie

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