Spring has Sprung!

Good Afternoon!

What a beautiful day out there! Every day the grass becomes greener and more buds appear on the trees. What a wonderful sign of life and hope!
We are entering into a challenging and yet hope-filled time as a congregation. On Sunday we voted overwhelmingly in favour of restoration and redesign of our sanctuary. This was the first step. Now we will embark on a journey to raise the funds we need to make our dream come true. This is a scary process for many of us as we look at the large amount required . Yet, as was so beautifully stated on Sunday by a number of you “ It is time to step out in faith. We can do this!”

A couple of Sunday’s ago I shared with you some words from Donal Harrington entitled “ Dream God’s Dream” I thought that , in light of where we are, they would be good to hear again.

And the Lord God said
I myself will dream a dream with you.
Good dreams come from me, you know
My dreams seem impossible
Not too practical
Not for the cautious man or woman
A little risky sometimes
A trifle brash perhaps
Some of my friends prefer to rest more comfortable
In sounder sleep
With visionless eyes
But, from those who share my dreams
I ask a little patience
A little humour
Some small courage
And a listening heart
I will do the rest.
Then they will risk and wonder at their daring
Run and marvel at their speed
Build and stand in awe at the beauty of their building.
You will meet me often as you work:
In your companions who share your risk
In your friends, who believe in you enough
To lend their own dreams, their own hands
Their own hearts
To your building.
In the people who will find your doorway
Stay a while and walk away
Knowing they too can find a dream
There will be sun-filled days
And sometimes it will rain
A little variety!
Both come from me
So come now, be content
It is my dream you dream
My house you build
My caring you witness
My love you share.


Reminders of the week:

Don’t forget the yard sale this Saturday, 9am to noon. Still time to drop off stuff!!


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