A Difficult Time BUT . . .

Good morning all

This morning I spent some time reading the response of the Toronto Conference regarding the review of Rev. Greta Vosper. Then the comments posted about that decision. Toronto Conference has called upon the National Church to conduct a formal hearing and then a final decision will be made. This is a difficult time for the church but it is also a time of growing and refining who we are and what we believe. As I read the comments I was struck again by the fact that we really are a diverse church and this is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. For those who believe that Greta should leave the church the answer is clear and for those who believe she should stay the answer is just as clear. Then I began to think, isn’t this the case with almost everything that we deal with in life? The answers are never easy. There are always two sides (or more) to every story. The stand we take is influenced by what we have been taught, what we believe, the culture that has been ours. For those who find themselves in the position of having to make a ruling on this issue, I pray courage, strength and grace.

For those of us who are watching and listening perhaps this might be a time to think about what it is that we believe. Ultimately this is something that we should be continually doing as we move and grow and strive to become. As a result of what is happening to Greta Vosper, some are suggesting that we can no longer talk openly about our beliefs, particularly if they differ from the mainstream, or what is understood to be the party line. I would suggest that the opposite is true. Now is the time for us to talk openly and honestly, to explore more diligently. It is only when we do this that we are really able to understand who we are.

My prayer is that we, who journey together in faith, might never be afraid to ask our questions, share our doubts, face our fears, and be open to diversity.


Reminders of the Week

This Sunday is World Wide Communion and we will be joined by the Truro Fire Bridgade

Thanksgiving Sunday, October 9th, 10:30 am at CEC. Combined worship with the churches of Truro Presbytery with guest preacher Rt Rev. Jordan Cantwell, Moderator of the United Church of Canada.

Saturday, October 1st – 9-noon. Music Workshop in Memorial Hall. Come, learn something about your own voice, share in some of the music that Chris and I have created over the past couple of years and learn the anthem for the Thanksgiving Service! All Are Welcome!! And its Free!!

Saturday, October 22nd – 9am – 4pm Craft Market in Memorial Hall. Come, browse, do your Christmas Shopping!!!!

In preparation for this we are trying something new this year A Pie Table! And we need your help! If you are willing to bake a pie you will be provided with a bag of apples, plate and a pie box. These will be available after our morning worship on October 16th or contact myself or Ann MacCormack and we will see that you get supplies.

Saturday November 5th – 9am – 1pm Paper Drive! Drop Off Only at Young Street.

Nut Aware! We have an increase in the number of children’s groups that are now meeting weekly in the church hall. It has come to our attention that among them are those who have peanut allergies. With that in mind we would like to encourage everyone to be aware of this and make an effort to create a safe space for those who gather here. Please do not bring nuts or food with nuts into Memorial Hall.

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