A Green Thumb

Good morning!

This morning as I sat with my coffee and listened to the Global morning show there was an interview about gardening. It is that time of year again when people are thinking about planting seeds, whether that be produce or flowers. As the ground is being prepared outside many are already making seeds ready on the inside. Growing something takes time and effort. It requires care and attention, for the most part. Now if you are the kind of gardener that I happen to be, you are constantly surprised at the things that grow despite you!! I don’t have what people refer to as “a green thumb”. However, I am blessed by those who have gone before me. They have planted my gardens and made sure that it is with flowers that, once rooted, will grow every year! As I clear away the debris of the previous season, there are already green sprouts coming from the earth nurtured by the Divine. Yet even with these, I must do some work to allow them to continue to survive.

We have just travelled through the Easter season and been to the tomb. The seed of hope has been planted. There is wonder and joy! But just like gardening, it is not as simple as that. It takes care and attention, time and effort, for the reality of Easter to take firm root in the soil of our souls. Fortunately, a lot of work has already been done for us by those who have gone before! Their experiences fill our souls allowing new life in each of us to grow to fullest flower! For the disciples, the reality of the empty tomb did not take immediate root. There was the initial joy and amazement but then came the questions, doubts and uncertainties. Into this came the “green thumb “of divine providing reinforcement and care – encounters with the risen Christ experienced in moments like the stranger on the road to Emmaus; or cooking breakfast on the shore; or the presence in the upper room; or the wind of Spirit that blew on the day of Pentecost. All of these provided the care needed for the seeds of Easter Sunday to take deep root.

Now that we have been to the tomb the real work of Easter begins! The seed is planted and we must open ourselves to the sun and rain of Divine presence that can bring it to life. Nurtured and tended by the experiences of our ancestors and added to by the encounters that we have of the Christ in our midst today, we can indeed become deeply rooted and truly free!

Just like our gardens, when they bloom, we too can bring peace and joy and wonder to the earth when the reality of resurrection is revealed in us.


Reminders of the Week!!

Our youth talent XTRAVAGANZA!!! Saturday April 2nd at 3pm. If you have not yet purchased your ticket, have no fear!! Tickets are still available in the office through the week or at the door on Saturday! And if you miss this week, there will be a second showing on April 10th at 3pm!!!

AS many of you experienced on Good Friday our new sound system is installed and in use. The system will be dedicated at a special service in May!

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