A Harvest of Thanksgiving

Good morning to my wonderful faith family!

 As we approach thanksgiving my heart is filled with thanks for each of you. I cannot help but be caught up in the thought of how blessed I really am. I am surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, different and unique, yet each one of you filled with the grace and wonder of God. As I look out my window this morning and see the sun shining brilliantly on the changing face of creation my soul is also filled with the joy and wonder of the Divine present in the universe.

 God’s creation is an amazing thing indeed. Always moving, always changing infused with the wonder of a mystery beyond our comprehension. Since being off, I have been reading some works by Bruce Sanguin and have found his words to be empowering . Finally, someone who speaks the words of my heart! I share with you this morning a prayer he wrote based on Psalm 19 called “A Harvest of Quirkiness”


Gracious God,

How can creation sing your praises

Except  with the red wings of blackbirds

Flying across the blue sky,

And the croak  and splash of frogs

Playing hide-and-seek in the ponds?

How can the firmament proclaim your handiwork,

Except in the wagging tail of a puppy,

And the focused attention of a toddler

Soaking in the wonder of all?

How can the heavens proclaim your glory,

E3xcept through a morning sun rising upon gold-green grass,

Lighting up the face of lovers as Earth spins then

Once more into a new day?

Your beauty and goodness, O immanent One,

Requires Earth’s diversity

And our own wildness.

Breaking down- and out of-

The monotony of prescribes patterns,

Choosing rather to take our place

In the dancing procession

Of differentness

The variegated life of Christ finding expression

In this body of the church

And the bodies of our kin-creatures.

Make a harvest, O Holy One.

Of our quirkiness

That we might be your radiant presence. Amen




Reminders of the Week


Don’t forget that this coming Sunday is Thanksgiving and as we give thanks for the harvest we are encouraged to share that harvest with others. Donations for the food bank can be placed at the front of the church.  REMEMBER THE CHALLENGE –  MORE THAN LAST YEAR!

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