A Sense of Community !

Good Morning!

Yesterday I gathered with 20 or so other clergy from the Maritime Conference for a training session. It was wonderful to be surrounded by and engaged in conversation with the people with whom I have journeyed over the course of my ministry. Some of those present I have known since I started in ministry some 23 years ago. Others I have come to know only recently as they entered into ministry in this Conference. What really stood out for me was the sense of community and fellowship that existed in that room. There were moments of deep sharing, laughter, aha moments as a question or comment turned on a light bulb; and a respect for the collective wisdom and gifts gathered there. It was truly a time of learning and growing.

Such moments are important in the life of any group, community, family. Those times when we engage in deep discussion and reflection so that we might move and grow and become. On November 19th we will be given such an opportunity. At 6:30 on that evening we are invited to gather with our brothers and sisters from nine United Church Congregations in the Truro area to continue the discussion and visioning we began last April. In our first gathering together we tapped into an energy that was tangible and an enthusiasm for the gospel that enabled us to open many doors. On the 19th we will be invited to walk through those doors and to think more deeply and concretely about how we can be church together in this place. So mark your calendars and be prepared to be there November 19th, 6:30-9pm, Brunswick Street United Church.

As we continue the journey together may we be open to the Spirit moving in and through and among us. May we be willing to step outside the lines and colour our world with the abundance or grace in our midst.


Blessings, Valerie


Reminders of the week

 Mark your calendars!!! Saturday October 26 9-5, Craft Market!

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