A Time of Beginning

Good morning!

Although the temperature outside does not feel like it, we are indeed nearing the end of the summer season. In just two weeks we will be starting things up again after a time of respite and life will take on a whole new busyness. Although it is not the beginning of the calendar year this really is the new year for many of us. Children are preparing for the start of a new grade in school, perhaps even changing schools. Our high school graduates are heading off to University or College, or beginning to find their way in the work place. In the church we are in the thick of planning for the fall. Sunday School, Youth Group, UCW, Men’s Fellowship, Committee meetings, Choirs, Scouts, Seniors Tea and so much more all begin in September (check the church Calendar for the start date of each one). This is a time of beginning!

As I reflect on this concept of beginning I can’t help but think how wonderful it is! Our story starts somewhere but there are many beginnings along the way – times to start over, change direction, experience something new, begin a new project, reshape the vision. Even death, through the eyes of faith, is a new beginning! For me, this is exciting! There are so many possibilities that lie before us as we start out on a new year. The page is blank and we will write the story. I wonder what the story of this year will be?

As we move into a new year and write the story that will be ours I share with you the words of Ann Lewin

Pause at the threshold
Of the sacred space;
Bow low.
Prepare for fresh
With the Holy One.


Reminders of the Week

Next Wednesday will be the final of the Summer lunchtime Concerts for this year. Come, bring a lunch, sit and be blessed!

NEEDED!!!! Teachers for Sunday School! As we prepare for the beginning of a new Sunday School year we are in need of people willing to teach – once a month, once every two months, or every week! If you are willing and able to be part of this amazing ministry please call Kaleigh (902) 412-6963 ~or leave your name and number with Tracy in the office and Kaleigh will be in touch.

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