Acts of Kindness

Good Morning all!

There is a lot of ugliness in our world. All one needs to do is turn on the radio or the TV or read the newspaper and we are inundated with headlines that talk about the latest murder or robbery, break-in or theft of some sort and the list can go on. Negativity seems to have taken top billing in many aspects of our existence and that can be overwhelming and exhausting. But for all the bad things out there, there are also many wonderful things that often go unreported and overlooked. A couple of weeks ago my brother was out with some friends on a Friday evening. At some point he realized that his wallet was missing. He searched for it but to no avail and returned home. The next day he spent time cancelling all the stuff that needed to be cancelled and trying to acquire new ID then he went to work. Part way through the shift a gentleman showed up at his work, wallet in hand. Now, not only was the wallet returned but it had everything in it including the $200 in cash! My brother texted me “There are still good people in the world”.

There really are good people all around us and there are stories of care and compassion that do not get shared nearly as often as they should. I think about the people who live on my street. I am fortunate to have wonderful neighbours who are always looking out for one another. Across from me is an amazing gentleman who is always watching out and ready to lend a hand – seeing that my front lawn needs mowing and just doing it; seeing that my daughter’s car has a flat tire and coming over to help inflate it; noticing that I have left the lights on in my car and coming over to make sure that they are turned off so that the battery does not die. Then there is the couple who live next door. While I was on vacation he levelled my deck, fixed my clothes line and repaired the steps and all of it ‘just because’. On Canada Day a little girl wandered onto our street, obviously lost, everyone rallied together to ensure that she was okay and then proceeded to find her family, staying with her until Mom arrived.

I see this kind of goodness daily in my faith family who surround one another in love and who journey together through good and bad. Those who make sure that others who cannot drive get rides to church every week and are able to attend special functions; those who bake goodies and meals for others who are struggling because of illness so that they don’t have to worry about cooking; the group of friends who plan a special day for the one who is having a particularly hard time and give them a spa visit; the people that give of their time to visit with those who are shut-in; the knitting of prayers shawls that are then shared with those who need a hug; and so much more!

In the book “Seeing Christ in Others” edited by Geoffrey Duncan, John Hunt of New Zealand writes this prayer:

O God,
She came with flowers, with time to listen.
She came with tears to shed with me.
She came with friendship today, tomorrow.
And in her face, your love with me.

There are still good people in the world! There are countless acts of kindness and love that make our journey easier and brighter! There is wonder and there is joy that can hold us until our tears are turned to laughter!


Reminders of the Week!

CRAFT MARKET COMING THIS SATURDAY!!!! You won’t want to miss it!! Saturday doors open at 9:30 and stay open until 4pm. Come, browse, buy and even get your lunch!!

Advance notices. Mark your calendars!

November 1st – Stay after church for lunch and a time of conversation and brainstorming as we discern how to support the ministry of our church

November 7th – Roast Beef Supper 4:30 – 6pm. Take out also available. Tickets available at the office or from the worship committee

November 14th – Start off Anniversary weekend with Pancake Breakfast 8am-11am

Youth Group Sunday at 6:30 – Come dressed in your costume and be prepared to party!

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