Alive With Creation

Good Morning

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive through the Wentworth Valley. When I left in the morning the sun was actually shining so creation was alive with the brilliant colours of fall. For me, there is always something sacred about soaking in the beauty and awesomeness of the fall season as the earth prepares for winter sleep. For a number of years I traveled the road that led to the Annapolis Valley. It was always a time of creating for me, whether that be the sermon for the next Sunday or a piece of prose that just ached to be released, or imaging the “what ifs” of life. The Fall, in particular, was a treat and each drive was a time of renewal as I soaked in the presence of the Divine that seemed to hold me in a blanket. On one such morning I left the house in Lower Sackville and by the time I arrived in New Minas I was ready to take my pen and paper and allow these words to find expression.


I woke up this morning
Confronted by the normal sounds
Of house and home.
Alarm clock ringing; children clamouring
Breakfast cooking
Coffee perking.

In the car and on the road
Confronted by Creation
Brilliant colours
Blue.. the sky above
Red, rust, gold and green..
The carpet beneath.

A day made to soothe the soul
And calm the story seas
The beauty wrapped me in a blanket
Of security and serenity.
I knew, for one brief moment,
The Kingdom.

This morning as I sit at my desk I see the sun as it bounces off the trees that seem to hold the church in a gentle embrace and I am reminded that we are indeed truly blessed. May you know the holy embrace of the earth that speaks of connectedness, hope, joy and possibility.


Reminders of the Week:

October 24th – Fall Craft Market
November 1 – Stewardship brainstorming session !! Immediately following worship. Lunch will be provided
November 7th – Roast Beef Supper. Tickets available at the church office or from members of the Worship Committee

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