Be Daring Enough to Jump In

Greetings all! ~ March 15th, 2017

We in the church use a lot of buzz words like discernment, visioning, seeking, searching… When we set out to employ these words in our journey they lead to a lot of talking, the forming of committees or the creation of groups who will discuss and debate. The ultimate aim of doing any of this is, of course, to result in a course of action or the implementation of a new plan for the future.

In these discussions we also use the term “call” quite frequently – what are we called to do and be as disciples? Where is the spirit calling us to move? And For those of us in ordained ministry we often talk about being called into ministry.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of wisdom in all of this. Talking is important and it is always good to reflect together as community about who we are and who we should become. Plans are wonderful! However, it has been my experience that quite often we get so caught up in the talking and visioning, the seeking and the searching that we never actually do anything. It just goes on and on. It has also been my experience that the term “ Call” doesn’t really capture the working of the Spirit. When I think of call I hear a soft persistent whisper that is beaconing me to move in a particular direction or a gentle nudge to do something and it simply will not go away. As I reflect on my journey of faith more often than not it is neither of these things but rather like being drop kicked and soaring into the unknown. And it is in the living out of this that ministry and mission happen and the grace of Divine is felt in unfathomable ways.

When I joined the military it was not because I discerned that this was where spirit was leading me. I signed up as a result of a dare. What ensued were four amazing years that opened up doors and allowed me to experience Divine in ways that I never imagined. When I first entered the field of Palliative care it was not because I heard a call to explore a new facet of ministry. I saw a course that was being offered at the local hospital and thought “why not”. The result of this was something that would shape the rest of my ministry. I have been privileged to see the holy emerge in situations that are far from holy and be invited into the journey from life to death to life beyond death. When I wrote by blog about mental health I was not visioning programs to develop. I was simply reflecting and sharing my thoughts on what I saw. What emerged from a few short paragraphs is far beyond anything that I could have ever imagined and what it will grow into is waiting to be discovered.

I think that perhaps we spend too much time talking and not enough time doing. We spend far to much time discerning what the spirit is calling us to do and not enough time just trusting spirt as it drop kicks us into the unknown. We spend too much time visioning and not enough time allowing the vision to become reality in our midst.

My prayer is that we will open ourselves to spirit that pushes us to where we might not want to go and that we will be daring enough to jump in and experience the unfathomable grace of Divine.


Reminders of the Week

Wednesday March 22 – the first of a four week series that will invite us to look at the words we sing and reflect on whether or not they reflect what we believe. There will an opportunity to create your own new hymn

Maundy Thursday – joint service of worship at St. Andrew’s at 7pm
Good Friday – 11am service

Easter Sunday Early morning service – joint service at Riverfront Park 7am

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