Beatitudes of Nature

Good Morning

Flor McCarthy, “ Windows on the Gospel” offers this peace called Beatitudes of Nature

Blessed is the tree which takes time to sink deep roots
–          It shows us what we have to do in order to withstand the storm
Blessed is the seed which falls on good soil and so produces a rich harvest
–          It shows us what happens when we take the Word of God to heart
Blessed is the vine which, having been pruned, becomes all the more fruitful
–          It shows us the benefit of self-denial
Blessed are the flowers of the fields
– Their beauty bears witness to God’s prodigal artistry
Blessed are the ubiquitous sparrows
–          Their carefree attitude to life gives us a lesson to trust
Blessed is the wind, coming from where we do not know, to set sails in motion, to breathe life into dying embers
–          It reminds us of the mysterious workings of the Spirit of God
Blessed is the rain which falls without favour on all fields
–          In it we see a reflection of God’s indiscriminate love for all God’s children
Blessed are the leaves, which know when to let go and do so in a blaze of colour
–          They show us how to die.

May we be so blessed.


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