Blessed by the Presence of the Divine

Good Morning! 

When I arrived at the church this morning Tracy gave me a request form for assistance from someone in our community. We talked about it for a few minutes and then the woman returned to see me. We sat in my office and chatted. Of course we could help I told her but the person who writes our cheques is away so we would have to wait until early next week. Not a problem she said and thanked me with a hug and then left. As she walked away I had a thought, she didn’t need much and perhaps we had it in petty cash. Tracy assured me that yes we did so I ran after her and said we can just go and deal with this right now. We got in my car and headed out. As we drove we chatted some more. We took care of her bill and then parted ways. She gave me another hug and said “God bless you.”

We get all kinds of requests that come into the office for help with bills and food and rent and we do what we can. So this really wasn’t different or special or unusual. And yet it was! The encounter was brief but filled with grace and I sit here with the feeling that I have been blessed by the presence of the Divine.

As we make our way through life there are many times when we question “ Where is God?”. This is particularly evident during times of great stress or loss or things that don’t make sense. In these times, if we have eyes to see, then we find God in the community that surrounds us, in the stories of our faith and in a variety of different ways. At other times we are busy just going on our merry way, life is running smoothly, and we really don’t even think about where God is and all of a sudden we come face to face with the Divine – an unexpected encounter that touches the core of our being and we know that God is here.

In the book of Hebrews it is written “Show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” This morning, for a fleeting moment in time, I was gifted with the presence of an angel and was blessed.


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