Blessed in the love of Christ

Good morning

I tried to think of a title that would work with Saturday but I am afraid that my creative abilities are running out of fuel at the moment and I am looking forward to vacation in just a couple of days!! I did, however, want to send off a note before I headed out for the month of July.

I want to start with saying “ WOW! I LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY!” I have always felt this but since the Council meeting on Tuesday it has been reinforced. On Tuesday evening the Council gathered for its regular meeting. It was jammed packed with agenda items and a few of them were pretty heavy. We knew when we began that this would be a long one and it was. We didn’t get out until 10:15pm. What stands out for me is that, despite the tiredness and the fact that at the end of June none of us really felt much like another meeting, each item was addressed with care, compassion, some wrestling and integrity and at the heart of each word was God!

Graham Standish is the author of a book called “ Becoming a Blessed Church”. In it he writes “ A blessed church sees itself as the body of Christ; has a vibrant sense of faith; is a church filled with God’s purpose, presence and power; embraces the sacred; is not afraid to serve God in its own way.” I reflect on these statements and I see this family we call First United Church and I know that we are indeed blessed and we bear the love, grace and life of the Christ in our midst.

AS we enter into the summer season it is important that each of us takes some time to rest and renew our beings, to embrace the sacred, so that we can return vibrant and renewed and unafraid to serve God in our own way. We are indeed blessed! May we bless the world.



I will be away on vacation for the month of July. Roger will be on call for Pastoral emergencies. Take care of one another and I will see you in August!

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