Break the Shell

“ When I change the level of my awareness, I start attracting a different reality” Gasten Saint Pierre

This was the quote on the board at the beginning of one of the lectures this week and it really does express where I find myself at this moment. Chris and I have been attending the Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education this week and it has been amazing! There are so many things moving around in my heart and soul and mind at the moment and that is exhilarating!!!! Now that might be good or bad for those of you who join me in worship each week. It depends on how you receive it. We have enough sparks to fuel worship for the next year and the fact that Chris and I are experiencing this together might mean that there will be a great explosion!

With that in mind I sit at my computer today and there are so many things that I could write but I need to choose just one. The theme of the week has been “ Free-range Spirituality” and our leaders have been challenging us to think outside the box ; to move from where we are to a new reality; and to experience the divine in a broader and more expansive way than has been traditionally experienced in our story. Much of what they have shared is not new for me and they are speaking the words of my soul. Other things have challenged me to continue exploring and becoming. In the words of Nancy Steeves this is a process of “Coming Home. Coming Home to a new humanity; coming home to a cosmic identity; coming home to a new consciousness” She reminded us that whatever else life is, it is an endless adaptation to change, “ Earth is a creative community of beings that recognizes itself, age after age, so that it can perpetuate and even deepen its vibrant existence”

One of the stories shared was a creation myth about the turtle. In this particular story the turtle grows and grows until it becomes too large for its shell and breaks free and that shell forms the sky; the same thing happens and the land is formed; and again the shell is broken and something else is born and so the story goes. In reflecting on the deep spiritual truths present in this story there is much to learn. Perhaps the story tells us that we each grow in life by breaking successive shells. This is how we shed the many ways we have of seeing things. They serve us for a while and well but as we outgrow them it is essential we break the shells to move to a new place. Outgrowing is not discarding what was but moving into the future, carrying it with us but not being confined in it.

Perhaps the time has come to read our story through new lenses. Perhaps the time has come for us to look deeply into our beings and open ourselves to a new consciousness. Perhaps it is time to break the shell and embrace a new reality.


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