Courage to Move


Good morning!

One of the hardest things about faith is that there is not always a blueprint for what we are called to do. Sometimes, even when we think we know the way, something happens and the path is changed. As human beings we like to know the answers. We like to know what is coming next, how far we will have to travel to reach our destination, and what will be waiting for us when we get there. But the faith journey is nothing like that. We only need to read the stories recorded about our ancestors to see that. When Abraham and Sarah felt the call of the Divine all they knew was that they must leave their home and venture out. When Moses felt the energy of the universe pushing him to return to Egypt to journey with his people he certainly was not prepared for where that journey would take him. Mary and Joseph felt that their child was destined for something but they did not know what, and so the story goes for others like Isaiah, and Samuel, Peter and Paul etc. But not knowing isn’t always the worse thing. I imagine that if we knew exactly what tomorrow would bring there are times we would be paralyzed and remain rooted and yet we long for that knowledge so that we can prepare, or be in control somehow of what happens.

In the last few weeks I have talked about the call to discipleship; the need for each of us to make the choice to follow or not; the reality that sometimes we need a nudge even when we have made the decision; and this week I will talk about the reality that following in Jesus’ footsteps requires risk and sacrifice. In the midst of all of this there are no guarantees about where we will end up once we head out on the road but we are called to step out in faith and open ourselves to the possibilities that lie before us. It will not be easy, we will question and doubt, we will look back and wonder why we ever ventured out. There will also be those moments of amazing grace, when everything comes together , the stars align and we will know that this would never have happened had we not followed.

So my prayer is that we will have the courage to move, not knowing where we will end up; that we will have open hearts and minds to the spirit’s movement; and that as we grow we will indeed become all that we were created to be.

Blessings Valerie 

Reminders of the Week

I will be away from February 1st – 9th. If you are in need of pastoral care during that time please take care of each other. Chris and Roger are also around and Rev. Donna Lawrence is on call for emergencies.

Needing your help!! The youth group is preparing for an event in April and asking that you might help them. If you are cleaning out your closets and have clothes that you are giving away please bring into the church over the next couple of weeks. These clothes will be used for their event and later donated to the Community Workshop.

Easter Schedule — We are doing Lent a little different this year so please make note of each Sunday. We will begin with Palm Sunday and walk together through the last week of Jesus’ life, through Good Friday and into Easter Sunday

February 10th – Ash Wednesday 7pm at First United (this is a joint service with St. David’s and St. Andrew’s)

Sunday Feb 14th – Lent 1 Palm Sunday and Communion
Sunday Feb 21st – Lent 2 – The cleansing of the Temple
Sunday Feb 28th – Lent 3 – The anointing of Jesus
Sunday Mar 6th – Lent 4 – Jesus’ prayer for the disciples
Sunday Mar 13th – Lent 5 – The Passover Feast
Sunday Mar 20th – Lent 6 Jesus in the Garden

Friday March 25th @ 11am – A Good Friday Cantata
Sunday March 27th 7am – Early Morning Service at Riverfront Gazebo
10:30am – Easter Celebration and Communion

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