Change of Season

Good morning!

We have had a couple of days of sun and now , of course, the rain again but according to the the calendar summer starts on Friday!

Whoopee!! Guess that means that the good weather is here! J It is another transition time as we move from one season to another. It is also a change of season in the lives of many. This coming Sunday we will take some time to celebrate with our graduates as they move from one place and look to what is next. As parents of these graduates many of us find ourselves at a turning point as well. We move into a new phase of our lives as they move on to further education or begin new lives in the community. I know that, for me, it is a kind of bitter sweet time. I realize that my little girl is not so little anymore and she has moved into her own space and begun establishing her own traditions and roots. I am excited for her but also a little sad. Transitions, however, are part of life and whether we are graduating, the parents of a graduate, changing jobs, moving, retiring, giving birth, etc, these transitions can provide the opportunity to grow and learn and deepen our understanding of self and world. It can be an exciting time and a disconcerting time as we move from what we know to what is yet to be discovered. My prayer for all this day is this:

     Ever-present God
     You call us on a journey to a place we do not know.
     We are not where we started.
     We have not reached our destination.
     We are not sure where we are or who we are.
     This is not a comfortable place
     Be among us we pray.
     Calm our fears, save us from discouragement and help us stay on course
     Open our hearts to your guidance so that our journey to this
     Unknown place continues as a journey of trust. Amen 
               ~ by Rev. Canon Kristi Philip

May God be with us in all our times of transition and may these times provide us with opportunities to become all that God has called us to be.



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