Change of Seasons

This morning I sit in Gander, Newfoundland, the end of a very quick visit to be with my friend. The wind is in from the north and it has that crisp Fall feel to it. The air is fresh and clean.


The changing seasons is one of those things that is predictable. There may be a variation by days or even a couple of weeks  but we can be certain that it will happen.  In our small corner of the world we know that spring will bring green grass, a time of planting,  and signs of new life.  Summer will bring times of tending the garden, a slower pace, and moments of rest and relaxation. The fall will see the turning of the leaves, strong winds to bring change, and a time to gather the harvest. Finally, winter months with shorter days and the time of creations rest.


The rest of life does not always feel like it moves with this same easy flow.  As we journey there are unexpected twists and turns that bring us to dark places and to mountain tops of glory. In these moments it is often difficult  to see what comes next. Yet the changing seasons can teach us a great deal. While we may not be able to see it, there really is “a season.  A time for every matter under heaven”. ( Eccles 3).


Through each season in our life the one thing that is certain is that we are not alone. Like the wind, so is Spirit,  always present.  Sometimes wild and raging,  pushing, challenging,  blowing away the things that must go in order that we might have life. Sometimes it is the gentle sway that is a blessing and a warm embrace.  Still, other times it feels almost nonexistent,  quiet and restful. Regardless of how it manifests,  spirit is always there connecting with our spirit.  This spirit enables us to live through, learn, grow and even flourish amid the unpredictability. 





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