Coming Home

Good morning!

Jesus demonstrated throughout his ministry the necessity of getting away. He periodically took that time to step away from the day to day routines to connect with the energy of the universe and to recharge his batteries. Then he would return to his community to continue. Just over three months ago I set out on an adventure – a time to reconnect, write and recharge my batteries. It has been a wonderful experience and I have done what I set out to do. The liturgical resource is completed, I started a second book of weekly reflections, written 15 new songs, I have communed with spirit on the banks of my beloved river and reconnected with family and friends. But now it is time to return and I can’t wait!!

I have received many gifts from this time away but perhaps the greatest is the reinforcement that I am exactly where I am called to be and doing what I am meant to do. To leave this place of respite and return to the valley is one that I embrace with anticipation and with joy! Being in community is where my energy and creativity is fuelled; my faith family is where I see most clearly the face of Christ and where I am most deeply connected to Divine; and it is where I am challenged to grow and become.

Today I say “ thank- you” to you, my faith family, who made it possible for me to step away and refocus. September 1 will mark my fifth anniversary and I return ready to begin the next five years with renewed spirit. On August 16th I’ll be back in the saddle so let’s make ready for a another ride!!


Reminders of the Week

We hold in our prayers the family and friends of Evelyn Clark. Evelyn has finished this part of her journey and now begins a new one in the Kingdom!!  Arrangements for the celebration of her life are still in process.

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