Coming Together

Good morning one and all!


At 5:30 yesterday a group of Ministry Personnel gathered to prepare for the evening session. We gathered with a sense of anticipation , wondering how many would show up and what the mood would be. People started to trickle in shortly after 6pm. Some were curious, some were not happy that we were separating them from those they arrived with, and some were laughing as they came in. By the time we started there were approximately 250 people representing 9 congregations. We were thrilled! It was the beginning of a conversation that hopefully will open up new doors for us and bring us closer together as the body of Christ and as the United Church of Canada in this area.  We shared in song and prayer and in a time of dreaming about how we can partner and work together to carry out our ministry. It was a wonderful beginning to a new journey!  Where that journey will take us is uncertain but at the end of the evening we agreed that this was a journey we wanted to take. The dreams that were shared last evening will be complied over the next weeks and will be distributed to everyone in our churches so that all can be part of the conversation. We will take some time, in a variety of ways over the next few months to talk in our own congregation and another gathering will be planned for the fall to flesh out the ideas generated.


There is always something exciting just around the corner if only we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. But that excitement also brings with it uncertainty and in some cases a fear of the unknown. My prayer for us as we move forward is that we will not get bogged down in the details  but that we will have the courage to go wherever the Spirit leads us. Peter Colwell of England offer us this prayer


  Spirit of Wisdom,

Yelling in the street,

Upsetting our easiness

Calling us to change

Show us the way of risk

Give us life

Lead us to the joy we will find

In the recklessness of your foolishness.  Amen






Reminders of the Week!


May 5th  immediately following worship there will be a congregational meeting to vote on a motion from your Council  around Restoration and


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