Cycles Of Life

Good Morning!

Hard to believe that it is August already and it has been over a month since last I wrote. It has been a wonderful and full month in my life. The most exciting part being the birth of our grandson Jase! There is something profound and sacred in holding a newborn and one is reminded again of the presence of God that touches the core of ones being. A new life begins and there is a blank slate waiting to be written upon. What will the future hold? What will be the joys and sorrows that will cross his path? What will he become? So many possibilities!!!

As I reflect on this I can’t help but think about the church and the many cycles of life that we go through. While we are only born once there are so many opportunities for re-birth among us. Each day presents us with the opportunity to begin again, to explore new possibilities and create new ways of being. Life is such a gift! Yet we often forget that. We fall into that place of looking back, instead of looking ahead; of mourning for what we have lost, instead of embracing the life yet to be discovered. I wonder how our life as a faith family might be different if we were able to be re-born? What if we entered today with a blank slate and opened ourselves to whatever might come our way? What if we were able to concentrate on who we might become ? Imagine….

Blessings to each of you as you enter this new day!


Reminders of the Week

We are still looking for volunteers for the Open Doors at the church! Especially next week! If you are able to offer your time to be at the church between 10am and 2pm any day Monday through Friday just give Tracy a call. It has been our aim this summer to have our church open every day. This provides an opportunity for people visiting the area to drop in and see. It also makes it possible for anyone needing or wanting to take a few moments to sit in our sacred space and just be, to do so.

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