Dawn of A New Day

Good Morning!


Despite the weather forecast for today,  yesterday the sun crossed our planet’s equator and gifted us with equal amounts of daylight and darkness. As winter gives a final blast  warmth is returning again to the earth and seeds are waiting to burst forth from the winter’s sleep. In the air, hangs the possibilities of new life and growth. The early morning hours bring the bird song that has been silent through the darker months and each day we will see creation come alive.


We are closely connected to the rotation of the sun and it affects our being. Winter, can be a difficult time as the darkness also touches our souls and our energies. We get tired of the snow and the cold and by February we are dragging our feet thinking longingly about the spring. And it will come. Even now the seeds buried deep within the soil of the earth are waiting to burst forth as they are nourished by the sun and the rain of this season.


In the Christian community we are walking through those final days of winter and we move toward the spring when resurrection becomes reality. It is a time when we nourish the seeds planted in the soil of our beings and we wrestle with the doubt , uncertainty and death that is part of the journey. We do this in the knowledge though that the sun will pass the equator and it will rise in the dawn of a new day.


In their book “ The Heart’s Journey Through The Seasons, the circle of life” by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr  share these words:


                “ In this season of the soul, there is awe  and wonder at the changes taking place. Spring generates

                Surprise, delight, unmitigated joy, and newly found optimism. Now is the time to enjoy what is emerging

                From within, to savour the taste of hope, and to trust in what the future promises. It is the time to

                believe in growth and to give oneself to it wholeheartedly.”


As we shake off the last of the heaviness of winter may our souls drink in the power of Spring that brings the promise of new beginnings and possibilities alive in the soil of our beings.





Reminders of the Week


Tonight at 7pm in the church – the first workshop looking at the words we sing. We will explore the words of the old hymns and talk about why perhaps , for some of us, it is not possible to sing the words anymore. This is also a chance to examine your faith,  experience challenge and sing together.


Easter Services


Maundy Thursday  –   7pm, joint service at St. Andrew’s United

Good Friday  –   11am  Eleanor Daley “Requim”

Easter Sunday  –  7am  Early Morning Service, at Riverfront Park

                                10:30 am Easter Communion Celebrations, First United

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