Eating Twinkies with God

It is early morning, the sun is rising and the birds are singing. In the distance I can hear dogs barking. The universe is waking up. Just inside the house there is a small voice singing along with “the Backyardigins” and I know that I am truly blessed!

For the last week and a bit we have been on an adventure with our almost 4 year old grandson. And what an adventure it has been!! From playgrounds to wildlife parks; from ocean to lake; from fishing to swimming we have travelled amidst squeals of laughter and deep conversations. It has been amazing!

As I reflect on this I am reminded of a story that goes like this: ‘once there was a little boy who decided to run away from home. He packed a lunch and headed off. He made it to the park when he decided to sit for a rest. He sat on a bench next to an old woman who was feeding the birds. He opened his pack and offered her a Twinkie. She smiled the biggest smile. They sat for a long time eating twinkles and feeding the birds. Finally the young boy decided perhaps he should go home. As he turned to leave he gave the old woman a big hug and she gave him the biggest smile. When the boy arrived home he was met by his mom who asked “where have you been all day?” He responded “I’ve been eating twinkies in the park with God! You know, God has the biggest smile!” Meanwhile the old woman also returned home and was met by her son. He asked “what have you been up to today?” She responded “I’ve been eating twinkies in the park with God. You know, I didn’t realize God was so young.”’
For the past week I have laughed and played and snuggled and eaten twinkles in the park with God.

My prayer for each of you is that you too will find that bench, feed the birds and eat twinkies with God. 

Blessings, Valerie

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