Feel the presence of the Divine

Good Afternoon!

 Welcome to those who are joining us for the first time this week!

I sit here and look out my window at the greyness and wait, in anticipation, for the promised dumping of snow. Yes, I did say anticipation! Perhaps because it is now February and I know that whatever falls will not last for long, that the winter is half over and in the air there is the promise of what is yet to come. It is this promise that lingers in my Spirit. There is something about the many faces of creation that I find amazing and inviting and filled with grace! Bruce Sanguin suggests that it is in the connection with the Earth, our Planet, the Cosmos that we come closest to whatever we mean by Divine. In his book “Darwin, Divinity and The Dance of the Cosmos” he starts by quoting Isaiah 43 “ Do not remember the former things, or consider things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” and then proceeds to share a story of something that happened to him during his internship year. He was sitting in a Café , reading a poem, and from there an invisible force lifted him out of his chair and he began to walk. The walk took him through the main street until he ended up in a farmers field outside of town. He writes “ It was as though someone had peeled back a layer of reality to reveal the invisible radiance of what lay behind and within all creation. I was suffused with love and overwhelmed by the beauty of what lay before my eyes”  He goes on to say “ If we could truly see what is before our eyes, day in and day out, the sacred radiance of creation would drop us to our knees and render us speechless. We would know ourselves to be in as much divine presence as we could handle in this earthly realm”

The experience of truly being in the midst of the Sacred is such a powerful one! It changes ones sense of self, of the world and of the Divine that moves in and through and among us. If only we were able to really know how all of life is connected then perhaps how we live and move and have our being would be vastly different. Bruce Sanguin writes “ the earth herself is an embodiment of the Divine. She is a source of divine wisdom. Her intricate and elegant ecosystems have something to teach us. Rather than exploit her, we can approach the earth as sacred revelation. Creation is a sacred text, along with the Bible and the scriptures of other religious traditions. Her wisdom is immense.”

So as you find yourself in the midst of the wonders of Creation today, take some time to be still and know the “Great I Am”. Feel the presence of the Divine coursing through your veins and connecting you to all that is and may you “ be suffused with love and overwhelmed by the beauty”





Reminders of the Week


Choirs for Comfort will perform Saturday at 3pm. All proceeds will go toward Hospice


For Sale – in the church Office  “ Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope”  by  Rev. Valerie.   Cost is $25  . All proceeds go to the ongoing work of the church

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