Good morning!

“People Look East. The time is near
Of the crowing of the year.
Make your house fair as you are able
Trim the hearth and set the table.
People look East.
Love the guest is on the way”
( Written by Eleanor Farjeon, 1928)

Over the next five weeks or so a variety of cultural and spiritual events will be celebrated – Chanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and the birth of the Christ. While each of these represent a different tradition they do hold some principles in common. At a base level each one celebrates community, freedom, connection and love. For those of us who focus on the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, and I imagine for those who are part of other traditions, it is easy to lose sight of what it really is that we come together to do for we mark our celebrations in the midst of the secular world. Commercialism has taken over and we are inundated with images of a jolly old man who makes lists of naughty and nice. There is pressure to spend and spend and many will do so well beyond their means.

This morning I take a moment and invite us to remember what we are about. For Christians, this Sunday marks the beginning of our new year. It is Advent. We will spend the next four weeks listening to the voices of the ancients and the prophets of today who call us to make ready for the birthing of light and love in us. Our story is one of Divine presence being felt in unimaginable ways. It is about sacred mystery that has the power to touch the inner most parts of our being and transform the soul. It is about moving out of our places of comfort onto a road that will lead us to a new way of being. It is about opening our hearts and minds and allowing the Christ to be born again in our lives so that we are empowered to bring healing and hope to a broken and hurting world.

So as we begin this new year my prayer is that we will take the time to listen, to engage in the process of becoming, to step onto the road and follow the star wherever it may lead us.


Reminders of the Week

Our Advent and Christmas Schedule

November 27th – 10:30am Advent 1 World Aids Awareness Day and the celebration of Communion
November 30th – 7pm Multi Faith Candle Lighting
December 3rd – 7pm Candle Light Concert
December 4th – 10:30am Advent 2 Peace ☞
December 7th – 7pm Remembering Our Story
December 11th – 10:30am Advent 3 White Gift Sunday
December 14th – 7pm A Service drawing on Native Spirituality
December 18th – 10:30am Advent 4 Love
December 21st – 7pm Longest night service (This service will be a combined service of United Churches in our area held at Valley United)

December 24th – 5:30pm Children’s Service
7pm – A Service of Story and Song
10pm – Candle Light Communion

December 25 – 10:30am A Birthday Party for Jesus (To be held in the Church Hall)

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