For Everything there is a Season

Good Morning!

Fall is certainly in the air these last couple of days and what beautiful days we have had! I love this time of year. There is something about the crispness of the mornings and turning of the leaves that touches my soul. A daily reminder of the cycle of life and wonder of creation! Even when I am feeling low a clear Autumn morning can breathe new life into my soul! I cannot help but think about that classic passage from sacred story that goes “ For everything there is a season…” Some seasons last longer than others but eventually they come to an end and something new begins and the cycle goes on.

In the fall of the year after the leaves have fallen it is difficult to see new life. Yet we know that seeds have fallen and underneath the earth new life waits for the rain and sun of springtime . And every Spring what emerges is new! Perhaps there are some resemblances to the old, perhaps there are complete new creations, perhaps some plants or trees do not return but we know that there will be new life and the freshness of the Spring will touch our souls.

In the church we sometimes forget this. When we start something we feel like it should last forever and when it reaches it’s natural end we think that something has gone wrong. Everything has a beginning and an ending and this is good. This is indeed the story that is ours. A story of life and death and life again – resurrection. And we live as though we did not know or believe this. How often do we come to the end of a particular project, or group, or committee, or even a church and see it as failure? If we understand that there is a season for everything and if we truly believe in resurrection then we would celebrate these endings as opportunities for new beginnings and await the Spring with anticipation!

My prayer for us is that we might indeed know the joy and the wonder of the cycle of life and be open to each new season in our lives.

Blessings, Valerie


Reminders of the Week

We celebrate the life of Mae Fulton as she has yielded her place in the universe and Risen again in Glory. A service of celebration will take place on Saturday September 21st, 1pm at Colchester Community Funeral Home

Calling all men!!! You are invited to gather this evening at 6pm in room 13 of the church hall. This is your opportunity to Sing and then share your singing with the church on Sunday Morning!!

Youth Group begins this Sunday evening at 6:30 in the church hall. Youth group is open to all Junior and Senior High youth! See you there!

Medical Leave – I will be away on medical leave September 23 – October 15th. Roger and Chris are here and will respond to needs as they arise. Be sure to take care of one another

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