From the Top of A Mountain

Good Morning! – August 10, 2016

Throughout my journey there have been many times when I have been asked “What is your favourite scripture?”. I have come to the conclusion that my answer really is – all of it! Our sacred story is rich, complicated and filled with wonder! It depends on where I am in my physical, spiritual and emotional journey which story speaks to me. This past week I spent in St. John’s, visiting family, connecting with some folks who are dear to my heart, and working on some final touches to my book. One morning, as I sat in the early hours of the day watching the sun rise I was drawn again to the story of Jesus and some of the disciples on the mountain top. The vision of Jesus standing there, communing with the ancestors, began to flood my soul. Then, what came to mind for me, were those moments in my life when I have found myself in that exact same spot. The veil between this realm and the other is very thin and the energy present is tangible.

I have a picture of Kaleigh taken on the top of a mountain that capture what this feeling is for me.

That moment on the mountain was pivotal for the disciples and I imagine that it was also that way for Jesus. For me, these moments have been times of insight, wonder, challenge and they have always been transformative! Sometimes I have physically been on the mountain. I think of the day that this picture of Kaleigh was taken. We had just climbed to the top of the mountain in Pike’s Arm NL. Looking out over the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, listening to the laughter and joy around me and seeing Kaleigh standing there with her back to me and her arms raised I could sense a connection to something that is amazing! I was filled with awe and with the energy of the universe!

Sometimes these moments have not happened on a physical mountain but at other times and in a variety of places. I think of the baptism of my two grandsons; the funeral of my father; in a circle with my drumming sisters; sitting in a small chapel, alone with my thoughts; singing in a bunker on the Plains of Abraham and so many more. Each one afforded me the gift of an encounter with the sacred that filled my soul and changed my being. As I reflect on these times I realize how many there are and how blessed I am. These experiences are the ones that provide strength for difficult times, joy for the journey, direction for days ahead, and grace that is unexplainable.

From the mountain Jesus returned to the valley and he reminded the disciples that this was also what they must do – return to community, to life, and to allow the experience of Divine mystery to touch, hold and transform the world.

My prayer is that each of you will go to the mountain and open yourselves to the possibilities that lie within the mystery of the divine. From there may you be empowered to go, touch and change the world in which you live.


Reminders of the Week

Mark Your Calendars!!!! A service of Worship that you do not want to miss!!! THANKSGIVING SUNDAY – CEC AUDITORIUM!! We will be gathering with our brothers and sisters in Truro Presbytery to worship as one community. Joining us will be our moderator – Jordan Cantwell. There will be a combined choir under the direction of Chris and a new anthem written especially for this occasion! Spread the word, plan to be there and bring a friend!!!

I will be returning from Sabbatical on the 16th and will be back in the office on the 17th!!!!! Can’t wait!!! See you all Soon.

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