Glimpses of the Sacred

Good Morning ~ Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Today is a different day in some ways for me. I have been given the privilege of sponsoring a young man for the take your kid to work day. So for the next eight hours or so Kenzie will be joining me at meetings, hospital visits and a funeral. When he arrived I gave him the first challenge of the day “Help me write Wednesday Wonderings”. He rose to the challenge! I asked him to think about where he has experienced God in his life and this is what he shared:

This year Kenzie has joined a new programme called “Discovering Opportunities”. This programme has opened up doors for him and it has helped him to experience the value of team work. The resources given him are helping him to develop basic life skills that will enable him to move forward into the future. The other part of this journey is that he has made new friends and broadened his circle of support. He is part of a group working with a grade 8 class and offering peer counselling around issues of respect for themselves and for others. Finally, Kenzie is providing support for another student who has been experiencing bullying at school. In all of these experiences there is the presence of the Divine. God working through the programmes and him to make the world a better place.

Sometimes we look for God/Divine presence and think that it comes in the complicated or in the more difficult times in life. Reflecting on where God is difficult for many of us. What Kenzie has shared reminds me of the fact that God is present in all that we do and say. That Spirit can be felt in programmes we are offered, opportunities we find to help others and in the ways that we seek to improve our journey and our life. Scripture reminds us “whatsoever you do for the least of these, my brothers and sister, you do it unto me”. In sharing and helping we become the hands and feet of Christ and vessels through which the Spirit revealed to those around us.

As you move through this day I invite you to take a moment to look around and reflect on where you see Spirit in your midst; where are those moments when you have been the Spirit for others? May your day be filled with glimpses of the sacred that surrounds us!


Reminders of the Week

PAPER DRIVE!!!!! This Saturday 9-1 Paper can be dropped off on Young Street (Right by Al Weather Windows and Doors)

This Sunday we will join in our emembrance Day observance and will take the time acknowledge and celebrate one of our own Don Sutherland. Don has recently received a medal from the Government of France for the part that he played during the War.

This Sunday is also Change for Change! Fill your pockets with spare change for our school in Haiti.

As we move through the rest of our week we hold in prayer the family and friends of Muriel Saunders, Joyce Mitchell and Verna Stone who have all finished this part of their journey and have begun a new one in the Kingdom.

Services of Celebration are as follows:
Muriel Saunders – Wednesday at 2pm. Graveside Service at Terrace Hill
Joyce Mitchell – Thursday 2pm, Mattatall-Varner Funeral Home
Verna Stone – Saturday at 2pm Mattatall- Varner Funeral Home

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