Goosebump Moments

Good Morning

The Spirit works in mysterious ways! The presence of spirit has been something that has directed my pathway and filled my life. I have often said that if it were not for the working of the spirit I could not preach and I certainly could not do what I do. Spirit is that energy that permeates my being, connecting me with the source of my creation and directing me on the journey. Then there is the other side of spirit that works in those unexpected and mysterious ways. Sometimes things happen, things that are not easily explained and in those things one sees the divine and experiences the sacred. These are what I call “goosebump moments”. In the last 24 hours there have been two such incidences that I would like to share with you.

• Yesterday, my husband Mark, was sitting in Tim Horton’s with another colleague. While they were talking Mark’s phone went off. It was a text. It was obviously a wrong number as it read “ Jeff, can you pick my wife up at Kent’s?”. Now most people might simply have a chuckle and leave it at that, but not Mark. He responded “ Would love to pick your wife up but this is not Jeff.” This resulted in some bantering back and forth. The person on the other end did enquire who he had reached and of course Mark responded with “ St. Francis church and I am the priest.“ There was some more small bantering and then a pause. After the pause the gentleman asked a question. “Do you know of a place where we might get help for Christmas?” Then there was some more sharing between the two. Mark invited him to call at 6pm to have some further conversation. It was the gentleman’s wife who actually called back. She was embarrassed and apologetic but through the conversation it was obvious that this wrong number was spirit led. Mark had shared this story with the children who were meeting in the hall and a decision had already been made to sponsor this family for Christmas. He shared this with the woman and so a new journey begins as a result of a wrong number. A goosebump moment!

• This morning I was gathered with five of my colleagues at the meeting of the ministerial. Part way through the meeting a gentleman found his way into the church. He had a request – would we pray for him on his journey. This young man had come to a crossroads in his life. Originally from Newfoundland and a drum maker by trade, he decided God was calling him to make some changes and begin a journey. He sold most of his stuff, bought a new car, and set out. He thought that perhaps he would find a new home in Nova Scotia because this was where his son lived. But that did not turn out to be the answer so his journey now continues. As he was driving past the church he noticed cars outside and decided to come in to see if he might find someone to pray with him and for him as he headed out again. What he found was not one but six clergy . We gathered with him in a circle and prayed!. A goosebump moment!!

The question “where is God?” is one that is often asked by young and old alike. It is difficult to explain and our understandings vary. But I would say that in these goosebump moments we come face to face with the Divine and something amazing happens. Lives are touched in powerful ways; doors are opened; and grace experienced.

The Spirit works in mysterious ways! Thanks be to God!!!


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