Guilty By Association


Well I guess the appropriate way to begin today is the way all conversations have been beginning this week “ It is cold out there!!” And cold it is. We have been spoiled of late here in this part of the country because it has been a long time since we had such temperatures. But it is, after all , winter!

This morning Chris and I spent some time laughing over a situation that just seems to get more bizarre with each passing day. Have you ever been in that place where it has been ‘guilt by association’? If you haven’t, then let me tell you that it is a weird place to be. Apparently an action on my part directly affected Chris and he is now pulled into this vortex that seems to have no exit! And there is no reason other than we are partners in ministry and a team. While this is actually funny it got me to thinking about how our actions affect other people and even when we don’t realize it there is a ripple effect from our behaviours touching those we didn’t mean to touch.

The living out of the Gospel is very much like that. When our faith directs our lives and determines what we do and say it has an effect on those with whom we have contact. From there it has the power to touch those we never meet just by the act of passing it on. The fact that we are followers of Christ means that we are seen as those who would do as Christ did and Christ is seen in us.

We are the hands and feet of Christ and no matter where we are we reflect the face of Christ to those around us. May all who see you indeed see the face of Christ!


Reminders of the Week
Today, 3pm, we gather to celebrate the life of Bernie MacDonald. Remember if you are able to lend your voice to the choir please be here by 2pm.
Sunday  –  10:30am  –  Worship and Sunday School
Immediately Following Worship – We will gather for a pot luck lunch and congregational meeting. This will be the first in a number of meetings of the congregation to discern together issues concerning our church building. We will explore the options available to us and listen for the Spirit’s voice in determining what we should do. If First United is your church home then you must be at this meeting. Every voice is essential and whatever we do we must do as one.
6:30pm  –  Youth Group Sledding!!!!!  Dress warm
Tuesday – 7pm  Regular meeting of Council

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