Holy Moments

Good Morning!!

I’m Back!!!! It has been a wonderful time of rest and relaxation for me but it is also good to be back among my faith family!!  Having been afforded the time to recharge my batteries my energy has returned and I am looking forward to the coming year as we continue to journey together.  Many of you are still in your place of recharging. One of the things that we did while we were on vacation was to make a trip to our home in Newfoundland for a family reunion. We gathered on the banks of the Exploits River with those we knew very well and with others we had not yet met.  It was amazing!!! A time of story telling, fires, swimming and other water sports, and of course eating. It was a sacred time as we stood on holy ground. In this place the past and present met and the future lay before us as vision and dream and I could not help but raise my voice in praise and thanksgiving. Then on Sunday past I was afforded the privilege of co-presiding with Mark and my father-in-law at the baptism of our grandson, Jase. Once again gathered with family and extended family in our community of faith, past and present met and the future lay before us as vision and dream. A year ago I wrote a blessing for this baptism and Chris brought it to life through music. As I sang for my grandson I felt the energy of the Universe as it surrounded and encompassed. This was a sacred moment and we stood on holy ground.

Such holy moments are what we need to refocus and renew our Spirits. I return to this place with a Spirit that has indeed been fed and lifted up. My prayer is that you will know these moments in your journey and may the spirit of joy and new life fill you and lift you up.



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