Hosanna!! ~ The Lord Live! We Live!!

Good Morning


Holy is the Week and Holy is the time! We have been listening and sharing and learning as we make our way with Jesus once again to Calvary and beyond. There is something about this week that has always been for me a time of renewal. It is filled with profound mystery and wonder; joy and sorrow; despair and hope.  Ann Weems writes   “ The church is Good Friday: blackness burnt into the blackness. Abysmal absence of anything good. We acknowledge that death is real and we tremble before a world that would kill its God. Our feet stand in quicksand; our voices echo sterile silence. We huddle together to meet the dark and the death. Forgetting what was taught. Forgetting that somewhere a seed is sprouting, somewhere a child is growing. All we see is Christ crucified.  The church is Easter. Out of death: Life. Out of blackness: a lush green world, flowers in the ice, sunrays in the storm, mustard seeds galore. Our souls enter a spiritual springtime. Our bodies given over to leaping and dancing. Our very beings saturated in hosannas. Our shouting crashes in upon the world: The Lord Lives! We Live!”


AS you make the journey from life to death to life again this week may you be surrounded by the power of this event. May the Christ fill your souls and may you move into that place where there is leaping and dancing and shout “ Hossanna!”.





Reminders of the Week


Thursday  –   6pm   Pot Luck and Sedar

Friday   –    11am We mourn the loss of our brother Jesus

Sunday  –   6:30 –   We stand at the tomb and discover that it is empty ( on the Palliser Grounds)

                   10:30  –  Come to the Easter Party!



I will be away on vacation from April 1 – April 8. Rev. Roger will be on call for me during that time.

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