Hospitality to Strangers

Good morning all!

In the last month or so, since the election, we have heard a great deal about the government’s promise to bring 25,000 refugees into the country. There has been a lot of discussion, some positive and some negative. Now, as we approach the celebration of the birth of the Christ, the first of the refugees are arriving. For those of us who proclaim that we are Christian the issue of refugees is very close to our beings. After Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph had to flee Bethlehem under the cover of darkness in fear – they became refugees. Imagine, for a moment, how different life would have been had Herod caught up with this little family? What would our lives be like had Egypt refused them entry into the country? Instead of peace, fear. Instead of love, hate. Instead of welcome, closed doors. Instead of hope, hopelessness. Instead of life, death.

In our sacred story we read “Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it” From the beginning of our Christian story strangers have enabled the light to come into the world. An innkeeper, showed hospitality to two weary travelers and provided a place for the light of life to be ignited. Mary and Joseph welcomed the strangers from the east and because of them fled into Egypt allowing the light of life to grow.

Today I celebrate those who are rallying in communities across this country to show hospitality to strangers. In doing so the Christ is born again in us today!


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Sunday 10:30 – White Gift Sunday! Don’t forget your gifts for the Christmas Index! Following worship we will gather for our family Christmas celebration in the hall! If you are able, bring food to add to the table!

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