2017 Graduates

Anna graduates this year from CEC . She is long time member of the youth group and passionate about art. Anna plans to take a year off to explore her options, experience life and work. It is her hope to move on to NSCAD to pursue a career in Art.

Matt graduates this year from the International Bacceleuette program at CEC. In the fall he will take up studies at the University of Kings College. His dream is become a teacher in history and the arts with a long term goal of obtaining a PhD and teaching in a University.

Elliott graduates this year from CEC. He has been a part of the life and work of First United since infancy moving through Sunday school and youth group. Elliott is passionate about life and education. He will be taking a year off before he pursues his goal of becoming a teacher.

Derrick is the son of Razhick Ouma and Lisa Amiro, grandson of Burton and Alice Amiro. Derrick graduates from CEC with Honors and Distinction and was a student in the IB program. He plans to attend Dal AC in the fall to study Environmental Engineering. Derrick has been attending math league at CEC, does lighting for the musicals and assemblies. And helps his fellow classmates with tutoring after school and privately. Derrick is an active member of the youth group at First United Church, plays in the bell choir and helps out with the sound system. He is presently working at WalMart.

Chloe plans to work for tuition and plans to go back as a returning graduate to further her studies. Chloe is planning to be accepted into a trade that will lead her into a degree later on after she gets settled down on her own. Chloe is interested in becoming an office administrative, type of a social worker, or pastry chef. Stay tuned….

Kady Scott