I Pray You Will Have Crazy Glue!

Greetings one and all!


Well today I have been thinking about crazy glue. That’s right, I did say crazy glue! Yesterday I woke up to find that we were still blanketed in snow and it was still falling. After a quick trip to the office I knew that this would be another storm day so I headed back to the house to discern how I would spend it. In some ways it was quite a nice gift to receive on my birthday! But things did not go smoothly. At about 1pm I stepped on my glasses and broke them into three pieces. DISASTER!!!  I searched the house in hopes of finding an old pair to no avail. Now this is not a good thing because without my glasses I am pretty well blind! So I had to come up with a solution. I ranted and raved for a bit which, of course, did not provide the desired results. Then I thought “ Duct Tape”! That works for everything and I had an ample supply. I cut small strips and carefully placed them on the broken parts. No deal! Duct Tape failed me. By this time I was getting pretty desperate  and then it came to me – crazy glue! Instant bonding. The commercial has a  grown man being glued by a helmet to a beam so it should work on the glasses. Now the difficult part is that I didn’t have any. I couldn’t go to the store cause I couldn’t see to drive and I wasn’t sure what was open. My next door neighbour came to the rescue and provided the needed glue. 2 hours later ( bonding is not as instant as one might think!) and the glasses were repaired and crisis averted for the time being.


With this as the background I began to think about life itself and how there are so many times in the journey when we are in need of crazy glue. Things do not always go as we expect, we encounter situations that break some of the pieces of our being and we need something that glues us back together until healing can take place and a new way opened.


For me, that is what faith is. It is what connection with divine presence is. When the pieces of life get broken, for whatever reason, faith can give strength to carry on.


For me that is what community is. The crazy glue comes in the form of the people who share the journey and share their gifts.  When I am feeling alone and lost a hug from someone who cares can glue me back together. When I am sick a bowl of chicken soup can make all the difference in the world. When I am overwhelmed by the things that need to be done and I feel de-mobilized the calming presence of another can help me to put it all back together.


We all experience those things that bring cracks and breaks to our being. Most times these things happen when we are least expecting it so my prayer for all is that you will have crazy glue close at hand! It works and bonding is almost instant!





Reminders of the Week!


This Sunday , following worship, we will have a potluck in the hall as we celebrate  Steve’s ministry among us and wish him well in his retirement. Please bring something to add to the table but if you cannot just bring yourself!



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