In the midst of this… Bubbles!

“I lift up my eyes unto the hills, from whence does my help come?”   ~ Psalm 121

This is the psalm that has been running through my heart these last couple of days. Dealing with loss and difficulties of any sort is not an easy thing. Whether that be the death of a family member, the loss of a job, dealing with stressful family situations, difficulties at work or the many other things that can turn life upside down. In the midst of this we wonder sometimes where we will get the strength the deal with the next bump in road. Where will our help come from?  Psalm 121 goes on to talk about the Divine presence that is very real and surrounds us through all the comings and goings of life. 

Yesterday I visited with a friend whose husband died a few months ago. It was the first time we had a chance since then to connect and share some time together. During the visit we talked about lawn bugs, broken clothes lines, feelings of aloneness, grief and sorrow and bubbles. A lot of our time was reflecting on those things that have been able to help in the journey, the moments when the Divine presence is real. We also talked about what is not helpful – cliché’s that simply do not speak to the situation; questions that really should not be asked, like “Do you think you will find someone else” and other such things. In the midst of this my friend shared one story that, I think, sums up what Divine presence looks like and the kind of help that really makes a difference when the shadows are threatening to overwhelm. With her permission, I want to share this with you.

“One day, after her husband’s death, my friend was home alone. She was feeling deeply her loss and had been crying. In her words “I looked quite the mess!” There were things however that needed to be done, like taking out the compost. She wiped her eyes and proceeded to carry out this mindless but necessary task. As she neared the end of the driveway the two little girls from next door approached. They said hi and some other idle chit chat and went on their merry way. Later that day the girl’s Father called to let my friend know that the girls noticed she was upset and they wondered why. He told them about the death of her husband. Not long after the girls arrived at the back door with a bottle of bubbles. “Do you want to come out and blow bubbles with us?” they asked. My friend was not really feeling it but decided she would. They blew bubbles together, told stories and laughed as a huge bubble landed right on my friends face. The next day the girls returned with a bottle of bubbles and a note explaining that these were for her for when she felt sad. When she did she could just go outside and blow bubbles, laugh and feel better.”

Inspired by psalm 121

I lift up my eyes and I wonder…

I wonder where my help will come from.

Will there be moments of laughter again?

Will I ever feel “ normal”?

Then the voice of children

A knock on the door

Bubbles galore.

Running through the grass

Wind in my hair

Laughter ringing in the air.

This is holy  this moment sacred

I know the presence of Divine

Since that day my friend has blown her bubbles – sometimes alone and sometimes with her young friends. She has found strength in these moments and is able to take one more step toward healing and wholeness. 
My prayer is that if you are in this place of shadows you will take a moment and blow some bubbles and open yourself to Spirit.


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