Inner Peace

Good Morning!

 I grew up on the banks of the Exploits River in Newfoundland just where the River opens into the Atlantic Ocean. The water has always played a role in my Spiritual life. I love to sit on the shore on a beautiful calm morning and watch the sun rise . There is a sense of beauty and peace that can touch the core of your being. I love to get into the water and feel it’s coldness and cleansing power. But what I love most are those days when the North wind blows and the waters are raging. There is something about watching that, and if it is the right time of year even getting into the water, that is amazing! We all know that there are also times that the waters can be fierce and potentially dangerous and it is this dichotomy that I think really speaks to me and can somehow bring a perspective and peace to my soul as I watch.

 Two artist were asked to paint their conception of peace. One drew a picture of a quiet lake, nestled deep among the tall trees, with the light of the moon on its placid surface. The second painted the rugged, fearsome Niagara Falls on a windy day, with the spray flying in all direction and a small, gnarled tree bent over the raging waters. On an extended limb of the tree was a little bird, singing its song from its precarious perch.

 The second artist’s concept of peace is the only kind of peace, I believe,  we can ever really know. It is not tranquility or detachment from this troubled world, but an inner sense of stability and repose in the very midst of life’s tensions and trials. This is the kind of peace that Jesus knew.

 May we all know such peace that enables us to sit on our precarious branch and sing our song!


Blessings, Valerie


Reminders of the Week

 Advent and Christmas Schedule

            December 1  –  10:30 worship  Advent 1, Hope  ( World Aids Day)

                December 7  –  7pm  Christmas Candlelight Concert

                December 8 –  10:30 Worship  . Advent 2, Peace  ( White Gift)

                December 9 –  7pm  UCW Candlelight Service

                December 15- 10:30 Worship ( Celebrating Christmas around the World)

               December 18 – 7pm  Service of Light  ( Combined service with St. David’s , St. Andrew’s and First United  Held at St. Andrew’s)

           December 22 – 10:30 Worship  Advent 4, Love


                December 24  –   4pm  Celebrating the Birthday of Jesus  led by our children and youth

                                                  7pm  Celebrating the Birthday of Jesus led by our worship team and choir

                                                10pm  Celebrating the Birthday of Jesus , Candlelight COmmunion

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