Jesus said “Follow Me”

Good Morning!!

WE NEED 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!! That is the focus of many of our conversations as of late and it is scary! Even though we have stated the importance of this place that we call home and have voted to move forward with the work needed to fix it we are still faced with the issue of where to find the funds. This has become the center piece and runs the risk of taking over our day to day life as a community of faith. The problem is that if this is all we talk about, all we think about, we also run the risk of losing who we are and who we are called to be. If we lose that then what is the point ?

This morning I invite us to adjust our vision a little and think of what it is we are really about. First of all, it is not about a building. It is about community. It is about hope, and justice and vision. It is about compassion. It is about joy and laughter and love.
It is about bringing light into a dark and shadowed world. It is about being a part of a story that has depth and power to transform. Last night I shared some words with Council from Ann Weems . In her book “ From Advent’s Alleluia to Easter’s Morning Light” she reminds us that it is about Jesus. Her words draw us away from the things that really do not matter and bring into our line of sight the heart of who we are.

“ It’s about Jesus…
Jesus who says , Follow me.
It’s about faith and following;
It’s about the Truth that sets us free.
It’s not about our accomplishments;
It’s about his word and our faith.
It’s about having the eyes to see the way
It’s about having the ears to hear the truth
It’s about having the hearts to live the life.

It’s about Jesus….
But sometimes the church forgets
Sometimes we in the church
Think its about us….

It’s not about our agendas;
It’s about “Follow me,”
It’s not about church dinners;
It’s about “ Feed my Sheep”

My prayer for us is that as we move forward in our journey of faith we will never lose sight of what it really is about .


Reminders of the Week

NEEDED!! People who are willing to be part of the restoration committee. If you have skills, gifts, expertise etc in building , construction, management and are willing able to offer your part in the work of this committee please contact the church office

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