Journey of Faith

Greetings one and all!

It is now late on Wednesday evening and my day is just coming to an end. I am sitting in my room at Tatamagouche Centre surrounded by the quiet and the wonder of this place. This is the beginning of a three day marathon of interviews. It is indeed a privilege to be here and be able to enter into this part of the journey with those who are looking to ordination in May. It is a draining process and comes with a great deal of responsibility as we hold in our hands the future of these individuals. It is amazing to listen, first of all, to the group of people who have been called together to be part of the interview teams. People who come from all walks of life, with varying backgrounds and years of experience in the church and who are committed to the ongoing mission and ministry of the United Church of Canada. Then there is the honour of entering into conversation with individuals who have completed studies and internship and are now looking to that day when their dreams come true. The stories shared and the depth of passion for the church that is obvious gives me great hope for the future of this church!

I love the United Church and have always been empowered by the breadth and depth of theological understandings that exist. This was highlighted for me as I found myself sitting in this circle of people who have many different understandings about God and scripture and the policies of the church and who still are able to embrace and uphold one another. This is truly the amazing thing about our church! It is a place where we can explore, doubt, question, grow and even though we may not all agree on everything we are still brothers and sisters on a journey of faith and sit together around the same table in love and compassion.

May we always give thanks for the diversity among us and celebrate the revelation of the Divine that comes to us in so many ways. May our faith be challenged and may we grow in wisdom and in truth.



This morning Jake Boutilier, Tracy’s father – in – law, began his journey in the Kingdom.  We hold Tracy,  Steve,  Hayden, Kenzie and their extended family in our prayers.


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