Leaning on the Heart of God

This past week or so has been a time for me when I have been invited again to journey with a number of folks through some very difficult times. Some of those were walking through the valley of the shadow of death; some were dealing with the loss of significant relationships in their lives; some dealing with chronic pain; and still others dealing with stress in the work place. As I sat with each in their space it was as a light in the midst of darkness and a companion on the way. For some it was a time to talk about faith , to question where God was in the middle of this, and for others it was to name how they felt profoundly the presence of God in the journey. This afternoon as I sat in the office my eyes fell on a book in my library “ Out of the Ordinary” by Joyce Rupp. I picked it up and began to flip the pages. I came upon the piece , “ Leaning on the Heart of God” and my mind turned to all those who are struggling at the moment with any number of things in their lives, perhaps many of you who will receive this email or read this on my Blog. Joyce Rupp writes:

Leaning on the Heart of God

Accept the strength that comes from the grace of Christ Jesus ( 2 Timothy 2:1)

I am leaning on the heart of God
I am resting there in silence
All the turmoil that exhausts me
Is brought to bear on this great love

No resistance or complaint is heard
As I lean upon God’s welcome
There is gladness for my coming
There is comfort for my pain

I lean, and lean, and lean
Upon this heart that hurts with me
Strength lifts the weight of my distress
Courage wraps around my troubles

No miracle of instant recovery
No taking away of life’s burdens
Yet, there is solace for my soul
And refuge for my exiled tears

It is enough for me to know
The heart of God is with me
Full of mercy and compassion
Tending to the wounds I bear.

Joyce Rupp does a wonderful job of capturing what faith is about for me. It is knowing that my journey is one with God and that as the ups and downs of life move in and out on the tides I am never alone. When the burden seem heaviest just resting in a sacred space and allowing the Divine to hold me “ the strength lifts the weight of my distress”.

My prayer for you this day is that you might know that all encompassing love of God that holds your heart and provides solace for your soul, wrapping your troubles with courage and tending to the wounds you bear.



Tonight at 7pm – Ash Wednesday Service at St. David’s

Sunday March 16th following worship you are invited to stay for lunch and a time of discussion around Same –Gender Marriage. I would encourage all who are able to participate in this as the hope would be that out of this we might form a marriage policy statement to be brought to the congregation for a vote. Lunch will be provided!!

Today our Lenten Journey Begins!!!!!
Service Schedule for Lent.

Sunday Worship
March 9th – Give us This Day our Daily Bread ( Addressing the issue of Poverty) a Service of Holy Communion
March 16th – Holy Ground – Praying for our Communities
March 23rd – Help us Make a Difference ( Led by First United Youth)
March 30th – A Silent Desperation of the Soul ( Service around Mental Health)
April 6nd – Sexuality and Diversity
April 13th – Palm Sunday Parade
– 7pm Evening of Music with Music Ministry Team of First United featuring a presentation of the “ Faure Requiem”
April 20th – 6:30 am Sunrise Service at Riverfront Park ( across bridge heading into Bible Hill) Breakfast to Follow at St. David’s
– 10:30am An Easter Celebration!

Wednesday Worship ( in the Parlour )
March 12th – 8am Thanks for our Ministry
March 19th – 8am Parables for a Searching Church
March 26th – 8am Paths
April 2nd – 8am Gifts that Differ
April 9th – 8am Our Pastoral Charge

Holy Week
Monday 14th – 8am Be Still and Know
Tuesday 15th – 8am Care and Compassion
Wednesday 16th- 8am The Fruits of the Spirit
Thursday 17th – 6pm Holy Thursday Pot Luck
Friday 18th – 11am Good Friday



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