Life Giving Water

Good Morning!

I have always been drawn to the story of the woman at the well and her encounter with Jesus. I am not completely certain why. Perhaps it is because this is the story of a woman who, from the little bit we know, has endured a number of hardships in her life, has lived and loved and been forsaken, has found herself on the outside of her community and still walks with courage and faith. Perhaps it is because this is one of those occasions when Jesus steps outside the cultural boundaries and tears down the wall of discrimination that has taken centuries to build. Perhaps it is because this is the story of one of the first woman evangelists who, despite being on the outside, walks into the community and proclaims the good news inviting all who will listen to “Come and see!”. It is all of this and more!

This morning as I sit at my desk I am again drawn to this story but this morning it has a lot to do with the well. Jacob’s well was a place where the community came to draw life giving water. There are times in our lives when we need to find that well. I began to think about where I go when I need that life giving water. Where do I go to rest awhile with Jesus? Where do I go to hear the words that will refresh my soul, fill me with courage and empower me to proclaim the good news? As I ponder these questions I realize that I am truly blessed for there are a number of wells in my life. Sometimes, when I need to be completely alone with Jesus, I love to sit in a sanctuary with all of the symbols of faith surrounding me. Although I don’t play very well, in that space I love to sit at an organ and play the hymns of my youth. There, sitting at the keyboard, I am connected to the great cloud of witnesses whose journeys have empowered mine; I find myself one with the Universe and the thirst of my soul is quenched. When I need to hear the words of love that enable me to know that I am not alone I can find that well in the midst of my sisters in faith who know the inner workings of my heart, who know the good and the bad, and who can sing with me the song of the Universe. When I feel my creative energies running low I sit at the well of my partner in ministry and in the midst of laughter, conversation, and challenge I find myself renewed.

Where do you go? In the frantic pace that often defines our lives, with all of the things of living making claims upon our being, it is important to know where your well can be found. We all need those times of drinking the live-giving water that refreshes our souls. My prayer is that you find your Jacob’s well, go there often , taste and see!


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