Life List

Good Morning!

When I left for my surgery a friend of mine, Lynn, gave me one of those mindless books to read during my recovery called “ The Life List”. It was a wonderful. In the book a young woman is left her “life list” that she wrote when she was just a young girl with instructions from her mom to fulfill the list within a year and then she would get her inheritance. Moments of anger and frustration followed as she tried to figure out what her mom was trying to do. However in pursuit of her life list she emerged a whole and happy person. She discovered how she had lost herself by trying to be someone she was not and by following her dreams she became who she was meant to be. After reading the book I began to wonder how many of us do the very same thing. We have goals and dreams for our life and somewhere along the way we allow others and their expectations, or what appear to be road blocks to big to overcome, to derail us and we end up in places that create unhappiness and discontent. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we abandon our dreams or put them on the back burner; sometimes we think that there are just too many challenges and perhaps we had best abandon them; or perhaps we take what others say and allow it to change the direction of our dreams.

I wonder what our life list as a Congregation is? How many times have we abandoned it because the challenge was too great? How many times have we let it rest on the sidelines as we get caught up in the challenge of just existing? How might our life be different if we truly grabbed onto that list and pursued it with commitment, passion and care?

I Wonder……

My prayer is that as we move forward in ministry we might keep always before us the dreams we have of who we are to become; that we might have the passion to pursue those dreams with integrity and determination; and that in following them we might become who we were meant to be.


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