living in the light

Good Morning


At the end of November we began a journey to re-discover the wonder, joy and promise imparted to us so many years ago. In our remembering we have re-ignited the flames that sometimes die within us – the light of hope to guide us into wholeness even in our most broken hours; the light of peace to still our minds and hearts, connecting us once again with the Divine; the light of joy to lift our souls above those moments of despair into the light of a new day; and this week we will light the candle of love to assure us again of the encompassing love that is unconditional waking us from our lonely slumbers, stopping us in our haste and refreshing us in our deepest places of need.


Next Wednesday we will gather, as we have for hundreds of years, to meet the Divine, yet again, in a familiar and ancient story. We will recite this familiar narrative from beginning to end. Perhaps, somewhere in the known words there will be a thought, a feeling, a voice that we have never heard before.   Angels will sing with melodies that speak to the soul; shepherds will respond, inviting us to leave our places of comfort and make haste to experience a miracle; wise ones will step out in risk on the road less traveled bidding us to do the same.We will be greeted by a man, a woman, and a child and if we are open, our lives can be transformed.


In this season that has been taken over by busyness and commercialism may we take a moment to stop, listen and look .May we dare to enter into the story that is filled with wonder, joy, and love and in this place impossibilities experience Amazing Grace!





Reminders of the Week


Friday December 19th  –   Mike Biggar in concert  7pm  ( in support of Hospice)  Tickets available at the door


Sunday  1030   –   Hear Mary’s story and light the candle of love


Christmas Eve   –    4pm   Children’s Service  ( Stories from the manger) and we will celebrate the sacrament of Baptism

                                           7pm   Christmas in Reflection and Song

                                         10pm   Candle Light Communion

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