Living Life with Faith

Good morning!

This morning I sit at my desk and the sky is overcast. This is fitting, I think, since that is where my being is at this moment. It is a place that we all find ourselves from time to time on this journey of life. Things happen over which we have no control and we are left feeling frustrated, angry, questioning, empty, sad, wondering and the list could go on. It can be a trying time and some find that their faith is tested. While faith might be tested I must say that I can’t imagine what it would be like living life without that faith. To know that even when I am at my lowest there is an energy and Spirit that will hold me, cry with me, and help be regain my strength makes the journey easier somehow. I don’t fully understand it but I know this sacred mystery to be true.  The disciples recall that Jesus says “ Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. I am so thankful for that place of rest and the love that is there always!


One of my favourite old hymns is “ The Beautiful Garden of Prayer”. This past weekend as I was driving home from Halifax I began to hum it and these new words came quickly to me:


                There’s a place that I go with my sorrow

                There’s a place that I go with my pain

                In the myst’ry of all that is Sacred

                I know that my strength I’ll regain


                Oh the Universe holds me, it holds me in care

                Oh the Universe holds me in care

                There the Sacred awaits and opens the gates

                To a beautiful garden of prayer


                There’s a well that is brimming with water

                That can quench all the thirst in my soul

                In the myst’ry of all that is Sacred

                There is healing that can make me whole


                Here I know that I’m one with creation

                And I rest by the blossoming tree

                In the Myst’ry of all that is Sacred

                I know that my Spirit is free


Wherever you find yourself in the journey may your being be filled with the Spirit that can make you whole.





Reminders of the week

We hold in our prayers the family and friends of Jessie Wilson. Jessie began the journey in the Kingdom this past week and a celebration of her life was held yesterday afternoon

 We hold in our prayers the family and friends of Marion Tope. Marion’s ended this part of her journey yesterday morning and now dances in the Kingdom. Arrangements for the celebration of her life have not yet been made.

 As you make your way through the week I also ask that you keep my family in your prayers. My brother-in-law yielded his place in the universe and rose in glory yesterday.

 I will be leaving for Newfoundland this afternoon. Take Care of each other and if you need pastoral care during my absence call on Rev. Roger . I will be away for at least a week.


Sunday 1030  –  Worship   Question of the Week  “ Can we pray the Lord’s Prayer and mean it?”


Youth Group has been Cancelled for this week.

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