Love, Hope and a Guiding Light

It is a blustery and cold day outside the church here in Truro but we have power and for that I am grateful. As we celebrated the light of the world on Christmas Day some 158,000 households lost their power and so had to find light and warmth in another way. We were fortunate because in Lower Sackville the power only went out in certain areas. While the house was in darkness we were able to pack everything up and head to the church which had power to finish and enjoy our Christmas dinner. In some ways this was probably fitting for our family and it was a wonderful place to gather and celebrate.

We had three wonderful services on Christmas eve and each one had it’s own unique personality and joy. When I finished on Christmas Eve I would have said that the service which spoke to my spirit the most was the 10 pm service as we journeyed to the manger in the shadow of the cross. However, today I would change that to say that Christmas morning was the one that will rest in my being as we head into the new year. 13 of us gathered around the Christmas tree and the fireplace on Christmas morning to share stories and memories and to sing. (And for a group that had no instrument to back us up I must say we did pretty good!)

I asked those around the circle to share a Christmas memory that has stuck with them over the years. What touched my soul was what followed. I had expected people to talk about a particular event, or present or perhaps family gathering or a tradition that they carried with them. But that wasn’t the case.

The first person started to talk about not one Christmas but the meaning of Christmas that really should be present not just one day of the year but all year. He said that what sticks with him is the message of love and hope that we share and how that permeates every aspect of life.

The second person chimed in with a message that was sent to them in a Christmas cared which said “Never give up” and how this too is part of the message that we need to carry with us all the time.

Another person began to talk about leaving home and coming to Truro and how the church was the place that she has felt this love and hope and how spending Christmas with her church family and friends is what speaks to her.

And still another continued with how the church family, who is always there, holds this message of hope and love in a real and tangible way.

As I listened to these voices there was a song in my heart and I knew that the light of Christ was burning bright.

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