Moments of Great Joy

Greetings one and all! ~ Wednesday, December 7th

Some weeks when I sit down to write these wonderings I am uncertain about what to write. It feels like the well may be running dry. Then there are those weeks when I have so many things going through my thoughts that it is difficult to focus and make a choice. Today it was the latter. As I began to reflect on the past week there were so many moments that presented themselves. The more I thought about them though I realized that they all had something in common – they were moments of great joy!

On Saturday night the church was full as we gathered to mark the beginning of Christmas with our annual Candle Light concert. We stepped out on a road to Bethlehem; listened to the angels; communed a while with Mary and Joseph; followed the shepherds and the Magi to a stable and embraced the gift of love. We raised our voices in song and Joy filled our souls!

On Tuesday we gathered again in the church with 100+ Women Who Care, Truro. The place was filled with women committed to making a difference in our community. Together we gifted one on-profit with over $10,000. There was a sense of joy knowing that, in a small way, we were able to share joy with so many others and perhaps lighten their load in some way.

This morning I gathered with fellow clergy from a number of denominations. We took time out of our busy schedules to join in a time of conversation, laughter and prayer. We shared our stories for those who were new to the group, talked about ways to work together to make a difference in our community and we held one another, our community and our world in prayer. There was, in that room, a feeling of joy as we celebrated the common ground on which we stand.

Moments of great Joy! A joy that comes from entering into a story that is filled with sacred mystery and allowing that time to shape and transform. A joy that rests deep within your being. A joy that comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself. A joy that fills you with a power revealed in the reality that, no matter the mountains or valleys, you are never alone.

In the gospel named for Luke it is written:
“ As soon as I heard the sound of your greeting, the child in my womb leaped for joy”

In her book “Circle of Grace”, Jan Richardson writes this of joy:

For Joy

You can prepare
But still
It will come to you
By surprise

Crossing through your doorway,
Calling your name in greeting
Turning like a child
Who quickens suddenly
Within you

It will astonish you
How wide your heart
Will open
In welcome

For the joy
That finds you
So ready
And still so

My prayer is that we will have eyes to see and hearts that are open to receive the joy that comes as Spirit weaves its way in and through and among us this season.

Blessings, Valerie

Reminders of the week:

Saturday 7 pm – Handel’s Messiah – presented by the Cantabile Singers (Chris Bowman, conductor) with special guests the Chebucto Symphony Orchestra!

Sunday 10:30 ~ White Gift Service. Gather to celebrate the gifts of Christmas! Following service we will gather in the church hall for lunch – if you are able, bring something to add to the table and the 5000 will be fed! We will sing some songs and greet Jolly Old St. Nicholas who, I am assured, will pay us a visit!

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