My Spirit Sings!

Good morning! ~ June 7, 2016

If you were among the lucky folks who were able to take in the concert Saturday evening at the church I am sure that you are feeling very blessed! What a privilege to witness such talent! For those of you who were unable to be present, we were gifted with music that touched the soul as seven handbell choirs from the Maritimes joined together and created this amazing symphony! One of the things that really touched me was being able to hear Brenna Conrad sing a piece that Chris and I wrote last year accompanied by the handbells. Now Brenna is just about the most awesome singer I have ever heard and to hear her singing “My Spirit Sings” that is exactly what my spirit did. The combination of the words, the handbells, and Brenna’s passion created a mosaic that reflected, for me, the light and presence of Divine.

On Sunday morning we were blessed with a different gift as the youth of our church shared their experience at Maritime Conference. For each one there was something different that touched them but the one thing that they named in common was the community of love and acceptance that surrounded them. For some dance church was a highlight; for others it was the prayer stations; and for still others it was meeting new friends. As one young person said “trying to explain the experience of IaC and Youth Forum is almost impossible. It changes ones life. “At the end of their presentation they sang and danced to a song called “The Lighthouse.” The combination of their words, the music and their passion reflected, for me, the light and presence of Divine.

So today as I sit here, with the power of this past weekend resting in my soul, my spirit sings!

My Spirit Sings and this I know, My every need is filled.
My soul finds rest, my mind is clear
the ground of life is tilled….


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