One of Life’s Blessings

Good morning!

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you feel completely humbled and truly blessed? Well, this is only Wednesday morning and already it has been one of those weeks for me. Over the course of the last two days I sat with two families as they grieved the loss of someone dear. I was invited into that space of deep sadness, story telling, and wonder and felt the power of love and joy. I shared tea with someone whose journey on this earth is nearing the end. We laughed, told stories, discovered that our lives have intersected through a mutual friend and named the fears, concerns and questions that come as we face the cycle of life. I sat with another who invited me into their sacred circle of family and shared moments of deep concern, love and helplessness. I joined with still another in moments of laughter over misunderstandings and listened to stories of life and love. And I was invited into a sacred circle with a group of women whose choices have led them to places of deep darkness, yet they strive to come into the light. We prayed, read scripture, shared stories and sang.

Each person at a different place in their journey and each one allowing me, for a moment, to be part of that. I was reminded again of the presence of God revealed as we are connected one to the other and how truly blessed my life has been .

And so today as I sit here I pray for each of you whose journey has become my journey. I pray for the Spirit breath upon you that you might find hope in the midst of hopelessness; comfort in your grief; joy in your sorrow; light in your darkness. I pray for the Spirit breath upon you that you might dance this dance of life in the footsteps of the Christ.


Today we hold in our prayers the family and friends of Helen Condon. Helen’s service of celebration will be today at 2pm at Colchester Community Funeral Home.

We also hold in our hearts and prayers the family and friends of Peter Dixon. A time of celebrating his life will be held on Saturday at 11am at Debert Court.

Reminders of the Week

Today at noon – Brown Bag Lunch and Bantering
Today at 7pm – Hidden Treasures of Voices United

This weekend marks the beginning of March break so a reminder that there will be no Sunday School and no Youth Group on Sunday evening.

Saturday the 16th – St. Patrick’s Day Coffee Party 10 -12.

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