Open Our Being to the Light

Good morning!! ~ Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Last night as I scrolled through Facebook I saw post after post that reflected on the beautiful day we were experiencing here in Nova Scotia. People were heading off to their favourite places at the beach or in the woods; others were in the garden; and still others were sitting on their decks enjoying the first BBQ of the season. There was a sense of renewed energy and an embracing of the new life that is sprouting in our midst. As I read I could hear the passage of scripture that says “The People who walked in darkness have seen a great light!” Now this passage is most often read at Christmas but I could not help but think “what wonderful words for this time of year!”.

There is something about the sun that touches the soul. We are definitely affected by the light especially after a season of darkness. Just sitting and allowing the sun to seep into our beings we can experience a sense of peace and joy that changes our outlook and our spirit. Yesterday afternoon I went to visit a very special lady, Jane. Jane has been in the hospital for a while now and her spirits are low. She is, in fact, in that space where she is certainly closer to the end than the beginning of her journey in this realm. We began to talk about how nice it was outside. She wanted to know if it was warm enough for shorts and talked about her garden. That was when the thought came to me that she needed to get out in the sun. With the help of nurses we got her into the wheelchair and we proceeded to head outside. We sat for a while in the sun allowing it’s healing power to enter our beings. We talked about the signs of new life around us and with the joy of the sun beating on our faces we were held in love’s embrace.

Almost 2000 years ago, so the story goes, a group of women walked in the darkness to a tomb. As the sun rose and it’s beams settled upon them they were able to see, not death, but new life.
“Amazing grace through darkness shone
And people came to see; The light of life did not go out
That day on Calvary”

And they were held in love’s embrace.

My prayer this day is that we will open our beings to the light as it shines through our windows and enters the windows of our souls. May we know a moment of peace and joy and be held in love’s embrace.


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